October 2019
  • INTRODUCTORY NOTE - Welcome to the 35th Edition of YAR, by Pedro Sousa Uva
  • Brexit and its implications for international arbitration: the anti-suit injunction, by Hashem Hijjawi
  • Lack of diversity – a valid concern in International arbitration, by Andrea Nikolic
  • The New Code of Best Practices of the Spanish Arbitration Club, by Victor Bonnin
  • Arbitration Act 1996: The need for reform regarding the issue of confidentiality and transparency, by Konstantina Zariou
  • Piercing the funding veil: The disclosure of non-for-profit third party funders in international arbitration, by Iosif Alexander Sosa
  • Portuguese tax arbitration court decision from 8 April 2019, capital gains individual taxation – free movement of capital – refrain from submitting question to European Court of Justice, by Pedro Nércio
  • Challenge to ICA arbitral awards on merits in different jurisdictions: A comparative study, by Manavendra Gupta
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Angola and Mozambique, by Raquel Ferreira Vieira
  • The Standard of Due Diligence in Full Protection and Security Obligation: What are the Parameters of the Due Diligence Standards?, by Amin R. Yacoub
  • The Quest for Domestic Regulatory Space in the Investment Chapter of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership, by Yosra Abid